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Ajit Mathai

Ajit Mathai is the founder of mByom Consulting & Management Services. mByom is in the business of Sustainable Transformational Consulting. mByom through opportunities that consulting presents, invests into ethical and sustainable for profit enterprise and business.

Ajit is an Industrial Engineer and Management Graduate from the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Trichy and XLRI, Jamshedpur, respectively. He is an NIT Golden Jubilee Distinguished Alumnus Awardee. His PhD pursuit is action research embodied in mByom’s saga. 

Connecting the dots, unusual perspectives and audacious transformation on scale describes Ajit’s approach. Paradoxes lend to the approach. From cutting edge biotechnology to founding India’s first organic farming association; leading the transformation study of the mammoth Indian Railways to building aHOPE, a technology solution for micro and nano enterprises; from travelling and managing assignments in nearly every state in India and her neighbour to spending 10 years in the hills of Kodaikanal enjoying the privilege of parenting and building a familial network of sustainable farmers.

Expertise is wafer thin and excellence, a dreary pursuit. Ajit believes outstanding outcomes can be achieved with engagement, cheer and ease by building an interwoven, iterative, spiralling vortex of threshold performance (rather than the pursuit of excellence which becomes an end in itself). 

There is a role for the analytical and left-brained thinking; there is a much larger role for empathy, kindness, giving and the aesthetic. Living the mByom logo, Ajit strives to create extraordinary outcomes through nurturance and celebrating a vortex of convergence, respecting a team of truly differently talented people.   

Ajit believes that there is an alternative economics. An economics that is not built on the fallacy of scarcity or is demand or procurement driven. He believes that such an economic model has over and over again left the people, the land and the environment in distress. With climate change upon us, what is right for the people and the land cannot be determined by customers or by beholden limited stock companies. 

Ajit works on an alternative economic model. A model of aggregation which is built on the strength of local self-governance and an economics of abundance and collaboration. Ajit has created mByom to lead out this vision. mByom once again is the paradoxical for profit entity built for socio-economic sustainable transformation. Such transformation requires bare feet firmly on the ground and governance that is unbounded.