We decided to start mByom with over 60 years of collective experience in the largest consulting firms in the world to tackle a few fundamental concerns in relation to economics, environment and governance. Our vast experience with government institutions across 23 of the 28 states in India gave us the foundation required to enter a blue ocean no one was willing to test the waters with.

We saw an opportunity in providing professional advisory and strategies that exceeded standards for the largest private and public institutions in the world and offer it to smaller institutions that are doing as important (if not more) work in their fields to help them achieve their potential sustainably.

One of our learnings very early on was that while we can provide these services, an important aspect was commonly missing. The aesthetics and design. Almost all the smaller institutions are extremely focused at doing excellent work that the presentation of the brand and branding of the work that they do fail to create an impact. This is something that requires a large team and usually it is an expense that is not a priority. We understand this importance and the significance of design and aesthetics and bring it into everything we do so that something that is Not Urgent but Important doesn’t have to wait till it becomes Urgent and Important.

Whenever we see an opportunity to make a significant difference, we partner with people who are experts in their respective field to create businesses. Our uniqueness is that we are not just experts in the field but we also bring in all the simple complexities of advisory, finance, research, design and marketing.

We create a virtuous cycle of Large Scale Sustainable Transformation leading to investments into Sustainable Enterprise opportunities, the profits of which then once again funds meaningful sustainable transformation.

mByom attracts people from all walks of life and yet are on the same journey. We believe that each person is a unique jigsaw piece that needs to find their unique place to blossom and see the bigger picture unfold. Our intent is to make you feel comfortable and nurtured while you move around and find that “seamless click”. While most people stay on with the company, we take pride in people leaving us as well. Armed with a quiver of experience that mByom can provide, we would love to see you move on and continue on your own journey. You will always be a part of the mByom family.

mByom was created in 2017. Ideation started much earlier.


January 17


Creation of mByom
March 1

Coir Sector Development

Appointed by the Kerala Government as Project Monitoring Unit for the Design and Implementation Support on the Coir Sector Development.
July 1

aHope goes live at COIRFED for coir fibre aggregation

February 10

Binderless Coir Composite Boards

Designed and demonstrated a Special Purpose Machine to make Binderless Coir Composite Boards.
March 12

Appointed by the Tamil Nadu government to Support M-TIPB

Appointed by the Tamil Nadu government to Support M-TIPB in the Overall Development and Promotion of MSMEs in Tamil Nadu