Training for Coconut Climbers and Inauguration of aHOPE App

Training for Coconut Climbers and Inauguration of aHOPE App

Kerala, a land whose name translates into ‘land of coconut’ has a number of coconut trees present in almost every homestead and agricultural land in the state. In a state with as many as 180 million coconut trees with coconuts that need to be plucked every 45 days, the struggle most coconut tree owners face is the lack of skilled coconut tree climbers. There is an evident lack of access to expert coconut climbers as presently, most of the coconuts dry up on the trees and fall, either to go waste or be pilfered. The aHOPE app aims to eliminate this lack of timely access to reliable coconut climbing service. 

The app for Aggregation of Homestead Produce and E-payment (aHOPE) paves a way to avail dependable coconut climbing service through easy E-payment. This app integrates the different stakeholders including the Government, service providers, self-help groups, markets- buyers, intermediaries and customers. aHOPE is designed with an intuitive interface with ease of use and efficient delivery of service to selected locations.

On 25th February 2022, a training for the coconut climbers of Kanjikuzhi in the aHOPE app was given, under the guidance of aHOPE Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The event aimed to reach out to the coconut climbers regarding the various prospects the app provides to expand their business and job opportunities. The app helps people to avail the services of coconut climbers effortlessly while providing coconut climbers with ways to increase their work opportunities and income. As Kanjikuzhi is a panchayat distinguished for organic farming, the aHOPE app, which will also focus on aggregation of organic produce to markets, will help play a relevant role in the panchayat. aHOPE solutions which come under mByom Consulting and Management Services, LLP has developed the aHOPE apps to help coconut climbers provide their services easily.

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