aHOPE App: Every Home an Enterprise

aHOPE App: Every Home an Enterprise

In addition to changing weather conditions, resulting in unreliable rainfall patterns and elongated summer months, farmers also face the issue of receiving reasonable prices for their harvest. Small and Homestead farmers face two challenges. Firstly, the challenge of selling small quantities of diverse produce, products, and services and, secondly, arranging for working capital finance to cover their expenses. The aHOPE (Aggregation of Homestead Produce and E-payment) with an integrated ERP is a solution that addresses these two challenges. aHOPE helps create a new eco-system of young, literate and tech savvy youth who use aHOPE  to provide an important aggregation service using a professional and transparent system.  The app lets registered farmers connect with aggregators in a convenient radius who are considering buying the available produce. Through a system of value chain financing the homesteads and small farmers connects with wholesalers and distributors which in turn allows a banking institution to provide working capital loans on fair and reasonable rates of interest. This is all enabled through a robust backend ERP system that connects the ledger accounts of farmers, aggregators, and other players along the value chain.

Once registered on the app with the user’s name, phone number and other personal details, and after verification through OTP, the user can select among the various produce and services they wish to sell. Anything from black pepper to yams to handicrafts to electronic sub-assemblies can be aggregated on aHOPE. The aggregators connect with the farmers/ homesteads and on fixing a suitable schedule, the produce is aggregated while transactions are completed online using e-payment or cash. This relationship between farmers, aggregators and other players on the value chain matures with the involvement of financial institutions that provide working capital loans which can be requested on aHOPE.

Key features

  • Provides an aggregation solution for farm produce and services.
  • Provides for transactions through E-payment.
  • Provides for Value Chain Financing and Working Capital Loans.
  • Availability of location map of centres of agriculture products.
  • Helps find producers who sell a range of products within desired price range.
  • Gives a complete chronology of transactions and accurate interactions.
  • 24/7 troubleshooting.

The aHOPE solution enables value realisation of both products and services that are produced at homesteads. aHOPE unlocks the potential of millions of acres of scattered land and the human capital of farmers to come together and provide good quality produce and reliable services. aHOPE targets to help the homesteads with aggregating, selling and financing of products and services, promoting sustainable rural livelihoods and incomes.

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